Disability Support
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Enable disabled people to reach their potential every day

Over 100 million people worldwide have a physically disability. These disabilities can be a result of accidents, war injuries, illness or disease, birth defects or just from old age. Left at the margins of society and facing a world steeped in discrimination, pity and shame, persons with disabilities have limited access to quality education and dignified employment.

FRDP Wheelchair

Many physically disabled persons don’t have the resources to buy a wheelchair that is appropriate for their needs but needy people in developing countries also deserve the dignity of being able to move freely around their homes and community. Your donation of funds will go a long way in helping them become mobile.

We need your support to help the poorest people. Your donation for a wheelchair will help us reach out to disabled people in Pakistan who are desperately in need of a wheelchair.

Your generous donation will not only help provide people in Pakistan with the transforming gift of mobility, but the invaluable gifts of independence, dignity, and hope.


£ 80

Give a wheelchair to a disabled and needy person

Mobility Scooter

£ 620

Give a solar electric mobility scooter to a needy person

Custom Donation

£ Any

Make a contribution to our mobility fund