Read About Malookan

Malookan is an 89 year old woman who lives literally in the middle of the desert, in its wilderness – in the wilderness of Tharparkar, Pakistan. Her husband passed away a few years ago and the couple did not have any child. Apart from that she takes of her 90 year old brother who is bed-ridden. She attends to her needs from serving food, to wiping his face to helping him with personal hygiene. When she doesn’t have much to eat, she and her brother would survive on a glass of water and few pieces of dates, bread or whatever that is available at home.

At this age, she can’t work to earn a decent livelihood for herself or her brother. They survive through the kindness of their community, the few goats that she owns and through contributions made by generous donors, like yourself. During Ramadan, FRDP International Team provided the brother-sister duo with much needed food ration to ensure they don’t have to struggle in the holy month for food – food that helps them to begin their fasts with, food that helps them to break their fasts with.

At FRDP International, we are helping widows with the gift of social protection that helps them to ensure they and their loved ones, those dependent, can live a life of dignity.